Region: Toscana – Zone: Bolgheri DOC

Bolgheri Rosso DOC

Facts about this wine:

Wine: Rødvin
Taste: Tør
Volume: Kraftig
Min. alcohol: 11.5%
Storage cask: Min. 2 år
Saving potential: 4 år


Bolgheri Rosso is primarily about Cabernet Sauvignon (10-80%), Merlot (max. 70%) and Sangiovese (max. 70%) with permission for use of other local red grapes (0-30%).

One can say that the high proportion of Cabernet is at the expense of the otherwise, in Tuscany, ubiquitous Sangiovese, which here must take care to thank the second-third violin. It is not due to lack of qualities, but the grapes do not thrive very well in the Bolgheri zone.

Bolgheri Rosso is dark ruby ​​and can reach great heights, especially in Superiore version. With age it becomes more garnet in color. The smell is intense, vinous and dry taste, harmonious and balanced. Minimum alcoholic strength is 11.5%.

Required storage: Superiore 2 years in barrels, of which 6 months in bottle

Saving Potential: 3-4 years; Superiore 5 years