Region: Lazio

Castelli Romani DOC


Castelli Romani covers an area of ​​Albenerbjergene, Colli Albani, located 20-25 km southeast of the eternal city, Rome, and the fields are up to approx. 600 m altitude, hvort part of the fields are located on volcanic soil, especially around maars Lago Albano and Lago di Nemi. The zone also includes the fields around Frascati and Marino on the north side of Lago Albano and on the southwestern slopes of Castel Gandolfo, the pope's summer residence.

The origin of the name Castelli Romani comes from the many large houses or small castles (Castelli) in the zone. They were built during the Middle Ages by wealthy Romans and are all located with a keen sense of the beautiful landscape.

In earlier times dominated Castelli Romanis wines totally Rome 'ostarie' (small, inexpensive bars / restaurants), but the quality was poor and the Romans had many jokes about whites, which was not entirely without reason. Several producers, which in many cases owned small 'ostarie' had to admit that, to increase sales in other services, put the price of wine is so low that the only way to earn money at home, was that the fledgling wine up with water.

Fortunately, it is history now, and today the wines from the Castelli Romani good, uncomplicated and honest wines that are easy to approach. There used several different grapes, which has ideal growing conditions in the volcanic soil in the hills southeast of Rome.

Grown three types: a red wine, white wine and Rosato, and all the wines produced by both dry, slightly sweet and / or sparkling and sparkling.

The 20 municipalities in the Castelli Romani DOC appellation covers the whole area around Cori and parts of Aprilia and Cisterna di Latina Latina Province.

In Denmark-known wine region of Frascati.

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